Well, missed one

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Well, missed one

#1 Post by jaydee2trad »

I have been struggling pretty badly in many ways. had 4 eye surgeries in about 31 days, the last about 3 or 4 weeks ago. my eye sight has been getting worse and worse and so I managed to miss a decent buck at about ten yards near dark. Anyways, it seemed to me like my cornea transplant was getting extremely cloudy and throw in cataracts and it gets very iffy in lower light situations. I managed to shoot over the buck somehow and this was a standing broadside shot. So yesterday, even my wife could see the cloudiness in my eye and so another trip to the hospital. I could think of anything but a rejection or deep inner eye infection for my eye sight to get so bad. But, it turned out to be as the doctor said, "Whoa, that's very wicked!" turned out to be a super bad cataract which can be dealt with later sometime. so the cornea is just fine and not the issue at all. but I still have to deal with it until they finally decide it is safe enough to take it out. since this is my second transplant in less than 8 months or so, I have to be even more careful. so it is what it is and so on. I have about another ten months of healing to go as it takes a full year to heal. but I still have an eye so it is all good. Jerry oh the miss was with my self bow, all my fault

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Re: Well, missed one

#2 Post by Jamesh76 »

You will get there buddy. Also hope he comes back by.

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Re: Well, missed one

#3 Post by Elkman »

Yeah, get him next time!

I hope your eye issues are over soon.
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Re: Well, missed one

#4 Post by Captainkirk »

This too, shall pass, Jerry. We take our senses for granted until they start to go wonky. Then we realize how important they are.
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